Friday, November 24, 2006

The Google Maps pushpin meets real life

Aram Bartholl of Germany brings the default Google Maps pin marker to life in this cool little video clip he created. The project, titled "Map" zooms you down into a real location in Berlin as one of these map markers is constructed with plywood and fabric. Aram explains that "The size of the rebuilt red Marker in reality corresponds to the size of a marker in the web interface in max zoom factor of the map." It's quite a chuckle to watch the pin majestically Check out more information on the Map Project Page.. [Found on Google Blogoscoped]

A few more examples of the real life Google Maps pushpin:

Julian Gallo of Beunos Aires, Argentina did something similar to this back in July of 2005. It was one of my earlier posts here on Google Maps Mania (with a now expired image link due to my bad judgement of image hosting on Flickr) but with this latest video now being available on YouTube Julian has posted the image again on this post..

Here are some other images that I posted back in April 2005 (among the first posts I did) that show what these giant map pins might look like in real life:

..From Flickr user Kokogiak..
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