Saturday, November 18, 2006

Neat new Google Maps mashups

Run Dean Karnazes.. Run! - Remember Dean Karnazes that set out to run 50 marathons in each of the 50 United States in 50 consecutive days? Well he did this... Now he's running home --> New York City to San Francisco!!! That's 3,000 miles across the US! The cool part is that he's using Google Maps to help people track where he is, basically in real time using his cell phone. Check it out, and track his progress here.. [Thanks to Brian Schwan for this tip!]

Worldwide Marathon Directory - Includes the top world marathons as well as many other marathons plotted on a Google Map. It's also available in French and Italian languages. [Thanks Renalid!]

Pray In Time - A Google Map for interactive location-based Islamic Namaz time calculations.

Worldwide CO2 pollution levels - each country in the world is mapped.

These are the churches in my neighborhood - John Murden photographs churches in his "hood" showing the "socioeconomic strata of a given block or 2"

Cool: Flickr Slideshow in Google Maps interface

Tibet cycling: Travel log of Keith and Meredith Azevedo. They're currently riding their bikes across Tibet.
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