Friday, November 03, 2006

Platial gives you a Google Maps community for your site

Community Google Map creation site Platial has introduced a unique tool in the DIY Google Maps category. MapKit is a community mapping platform that you can install on your site without having any prior knowledge of programming or writing code. Once posted, users to your site contribute places and comments live to the map without leaving your site or registering for an account. The site that hosts the MapKit oversees all the map content and has full admin editing control.

In the past many sites have enabled people to create, annotate and maintain a Google Map of places. MapKit goes a step further by allowing site owners to incubate and entire interactive mapping community right on their website. It's a fantastic idea. Platial's Tracy Rolling says "It's like having your own personal Platial on your own website." Check out this short video for help integrating MapKit into your site and also be sure to stay tuned to the Platial Blog on the latest tips for MapKit.

Here are some examples of MapKit in action on external websites: Vancouver City Guide
SadBikes around the world

These are the first few and as MapKit continues to roll out I'm sure there will be more.

For note, I'm also liking Platial's new front end - Content is laid out well in the column view and it really encourages you to explore. Hats off to the Platial team for all their hard work on the site and all the fantastic new features! :)
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