Monday, November 13, 2006

UK Google Maps Traffic mashup gets updated

GTraffic, one of the most useful Google Maps mashups in the UK, has recently undergone a major update using the Google Web Toolkit. GTraffic is Google Maps application that mashes up traffic related data from various sources including the BBC. The BBC has facilitates this and other web mashups by providing raw 'mashable' data via their Backstage Project. You can view traffic cams, roadworks updates and motorway status updates from this mashup.

GTraffic creator Alistair Rutherford dropped me a line to fill me in on some of the highlights of his update which include:
  • New look and feel
  • Zebra list with sortable columns.
  • Event categories are now listed.
  • Busy popup.
  • Permalink feature
  • Selection menu highlights dataset chosen.
  • Map now has proper 'Overview' button to take the user back to original zoom level.
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