Saturday, December 09, 2006

Google Maps Mashup Roundup

Mashed Hotels - Hotel data has been taken from 3 different sources then mashed up with the CIA World Factbook and a globale airport database.
European Archeological Tourism Mashup - For the area of Spain, Portugal. The site is managed by Barcelona University.
World City Audio Tours - Find and discover walking tours for world cities. Available tours are plotted on a Google Map.
Google Maps GPX Viewer for websites - A Google Maps application. You can download and show your tours on your own website.
Geonomy - 404813 locations.. The Earth. Tagged. (Example Tags: Ecotourism tag, Military tag
Europe's Next Top Model Google Maps mashup - Shows cities of residence for each contestant.
GlobeNetTravel Australia - Over 800 Australian hotels and resorts. View accommodation and major airports in 50 regions within Australia.
Google Maps API Venice Photo Album - Not a maps mashup but uses the API to create a photo viewer.

New from

GeoSpot.EU - European directory of geographical spots, like for example theme park, animal, living, shops, bicycle, kids and fun. Languages are Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish or Danish.
epiSPIDER - Google Maps ProMED Mail, CIA Factbook and PubMED mashup of infectious diseases.
World Webcam Map
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