Saturday, December 02, 2006

New imagery update for Google Maps

GoogleSightseeing points to a cool new discovery on Google Maps: A Firefox Crop Circle in an Oregon field! (Zoom in to take a closer look!) - Here is the original post from Google Sightseeing.

They also have the scoop on the imagery update that started with Google Earth and which has now made its way over to Google Maps. Here are the highlights from their original post:

Be sure to switch to satellite view and zoom in..

Other cool new Google Maps Sights:

Is that a flying saucer in The Netherlands? - Victoria Falls in Zambia - Top 10 Naked People on Google Maps/Earth - Mark Cuban's Mansion - John Travolta's "Jumbolair" (Zoom in to see his jumbo jet garage!) - Helicopter Downwash - Dolphin Island - Angkor Wat, Cambodia

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