Wednesday, December 06, 2006

San Francisco Google Maps Coupons Mashup

Bobby Steel comes to us with Uncle Coupons, a mashup for Google Maps Coupons in the city of San Francisco. Here is an excerpt from the Uncle Coupons Blog describing the service:

"..Did you know that Google has secret coupons available in Google Maps with discounts on many local restaurants and stores? These coupons normally only appear when you do a search - there is a nearly-hidden link below the business showing the coupon link. This site lets you find these coupons on Google Maps and search over JUST the coupons. Looking for coupons on Thai in San Francisco? There are 5! Sushi, pizza, sandwiches, plumbers, car repair, the list goes on and on. Check out Uncle coupons first before you go shopping!"

Google announced the introduction of printable online coupons on Google Maps back in August 2006. Businesses can go to this page and quickly enter the text-copy for an online coupon, as well as details about their business listing on Google Maps. See my original post about this..
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