Thursday, January 04, 2007

Find and share places with Google Maps NaviTraveler

Ryan White has created a great Google Maps mashup called NaviTraveller which lets you share and search for neat places from across the globe. Like so many tools with this same concept it requires people to add locations for it to be useful.

Here is what Ryan has to say about NaviTraveler: "..Our site is designed to be a tool, which helps people find the best places on the planet, through a simple series of category filters, tags, keywords, and community ratings. The highest rated and most relevant locations will always rise to the top of your searches, and you are able to narrow your search results in many ways."

A speedy registration process allows you to start adding locations in about 10 seconds with a great user interface to do so. NaviTraveller has advanced file handling for batch importing (GPX) and exporting of points (GPX, Google Earth KML, Garmin POI (CSV)) Once you're done contributing, get exploring! Lots of places have already been added..
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