Thursday, January 18, 2007

Google Mapping NYC Hospital Closures and "No-Freedom Zones"

Google Mapping New York City Hospital Closures:

Health Care That Works has established a Google Maps mashup of hospital closure data over the past 2 decades (using 1985, 1995, and 2005 as their data points), and combined them with racial and income data for the 5 boroughs for those 3 years. Here is the intro text from the map: "..Eighty-nine percent of New Yorkers agree that health care is a human right. Yet our current health care system leaves far too many people to fend for themselves. Often, those left behind come from low-income communities or communities of color. See for yourself the disproportionate impact that recent hospital closures have on these communities, and then take action by emailing your state officials." Race and Income maps were created by the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity using census data. Will James ( of NYC subway map fame put the site together for us and did all the Google Maps magic. Learn more about Health Care That Works here..

Mapping New York City Council's Support of the First Amendment - From the map: "..The NYPD wants to severely restrict our right to publicly assemble with new parade permit rules! ...and ONLY City Council can stop them!" Blue zones on the map indicate "Councilors For Free Speech" while Red zones note "Councilors Against Free Speech". This map, also created by Will of OnNYTurf, has an accompanying blog post that gives more information and background on the issue. This blog post allows for conversation through the comment post area so if you have thoughts either way on this, head over to weigh in.

..Both of these are great examples of how Google Maps mashups can be used to illustrate your opinion or spotlight an issue, building community awareness in the process!

More NYC Google Maps Mashups are here
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