Saturday, January 27, 2007

Google Maps Creation Tools and Resources - Part 11

(Parts 1-10 here..)

Do-It-Yourself Google Maps Creation Tools (See Parts 9 and 10 for more):

Atlas - A Google Maps creator for online publishers
Gplotter - Very simple Google Maps creator
Mapygon Updates - Has just implemented polygons. (Example 1, Example 2)
Wedding Mapper - Create a great online Google Map for your wedding!
Sanoodi - Map, monitor and share your leisure activities on Google Maps How-To video - A great video tutorial for
MTBGuru - Upload your GPS data from bike rides, hikes etc..
DiscoverMachine - Lets people share and annotate GPS data on Google Maps
MapLib updates - Added custom marker icons, tags, atlas (set of pictures), groups, legend, permission control and more..
Useamap Updates - The "TinyURL for Google Maps" has some updates: travel directions, image gallery, embed the map into any webpage.. Check out the blog for more details..
(More Maps Creation Tools here..)

Recent Posts from The Google Maps API Blog:

Googolgon, Anyone? -> GPolygon Example
KML on Google Maps
Drive More Traffic to Your Maps API Site - Include KML Files in Your Sitemap
Japanese Address and Placename Support Added to the Geocoding API

Google Maps API and Mashup Tools and Resources:

AddressFix - GeoTag your blog, site or feed
Google Maps 3D VR Stylesheet for Joomla - From the creator: "add the ability to include VRML models inside the placemarks info window using Google Maps API component for Joomla. So, you can convert Google SketchUp models to wrl or x3d and include them in the map.
Mash up GeoWalk on your website - See the "download" link at the bottom left. Lets you integrate GeoWalk as a Flash app on your site.
Auto Zoom Out - Auto zooms you when there is no resolution (From Esa Ojala)
ZMarker: Markers too close together - not anymore (From Esa Ojala)
Google Maps Icon Shadowmaker

Google Maps Creation Tools and Resources Part 1 - 10 Here.. (plus more tools)
Google Maps Creation Tools
Google Maps Viewing Tools
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