Saturday, January 06, 2007

Google Maps Mania: Satellite Sightseeing Saturday!

Update (Jan.7/07): The Los Angeles Times features an article about Google satellite sightseeing today titled: "High Times"

New Google Maps Satellite Sights:

Britney Spears' New House
US Underground Nuclear Testing - Read Digg comments
Penis painted on school roof
Giant Chessboard (Castle Square) in Marostica

+ :

Survivor 1: Borneo
Survivor 2: Australian Outback
Survivor 3: Africa
Survivor 4: Marquesas
Survivor 5: Thailand
Survivor 7: Pearl Islands and Survivor 8: All Stars
Survivor 9: Vanuatu
Survivor 10: Palau
Survivor 11: Guatemala
Survivor 12: Exile Island (same location as 7 & 8)
Survivor 13: Cook Islands

Cool new Google Maps satellite viewing sites:

Intrepid Earth - Takes you on extensive world tours that visit many locations within each one. Pretty cool site.
Images of Earth - A blog that looks at interesting patterns and geography from around the world
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