Monday, January 01, 2007

Jotle adds pictures and videos to Wikimapia and Placeopedia

Google Maps + Wikimapia + Placeopedia + Flickr + YouTube = Jotle!

Michael Novikov of Russia has created an awesome new Flickr photo and YouTube video explorer that takes Google Maps and mashes it up with Wikimapia and Placeopedia placemarks as a guide for viewing:

Jotle lets you zoom into various parts of the world and see map points for Wikimapia and Placeopedia. Jotle then uses the tags for these locations to pull in photos from Flickr and videos from YouTube. Though it's definitely not the first Flickr + YouTube Google Maps mashup it is the first that uses this clever location-plotting as a way to suggest photos and videos for the areas of the map you're looking at. This, in my opinion, makes it the best Google Maps mashup of this type. It's also a great compliment to the immense value both Wikimapia and Placeopedia offer in the area of travel and tourism. Now in addition to researching areas you are about to visit using Wikimapia and Placeopedia you can also use Jotle to get a visual feel for the immediate area. Very well done! Give it a try now!

Not familiar?

Wikimapia - Instantly describe world locations or explore over 2 million world points
Placeopedia - Displays Wikipedia articles on
Flickr - Photo sharing site
YouTube - Video sharing site
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