Friday, January 19, 2007

Marvelously Monetized Mauritius Map Mashup

A bilingual (English and French) Mauritius Google Maps Mashup:

I like a good tourism Google Maps Mashups (For a list of my suggestions, check here). I believe tourism mapping applications are really adding a new dimension to the online travel fact finding experience. I really like this next travel mashup because I think it represents a nice, simple example of what a regional travel maps mashup can be. is a Google Maps powered travel resource for people visiting or living in the island country of Mauritius. It features most all Beaches, Attractions, Hotels and Supermarkets around the island and lets you select any or all of them to display on the map. Enable close-up views to auto-zoom to the location that you select (be sure to click the map marker, not the label). Within each infowindow a nice photo and helpful descriptive text is contained, along with Google Adsense ads right within the window. I thought this was unique and not something that is common in most Google Maps mashups that I see. I would presume the ads for Mauritius would all be highly relevant to visitors so I would think this extra revenue might really help the application generate some cash flow for the creators.

Overall I find this to be a nice, simple mashup that could be used to model other small island tourism mapping applications after..

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