Thursday, January 04, 2007

Netherlands Google Maps Mashup Roundup Part 3

More Dutch Google Maps mashups courtesy of the Nederkaart Blog...
  • Dutch School Finder - Find schools in the neighborhood (within a certain distance) of an address, postal code or city name in the Netherlands.
  • Maps are saved under a specific URL, like this one: You can then email this URL to friends or put it on a blog or website with an iframe.
  • Dutch real estate Era uses Google Earth and Google Maps. Meanwhile, Warehousematch uses Google Maps to show the locations of available warehouses for sale.
  • helps you find ski destinations on Google Maps.
  • X-Moment - Dutch dating site using Google Maps
  • YelloYello uses Google Maps to plot shops and businesses.
  • City of Leiden utilizes a Google Maps mashup to show upcoming events, theaters, museums, and parking locations.
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