Thursday, January 25, 2007

Real stories about real people trying to get on Google Maps

Update (Jan.27/07): Photos of the Google plane passing over Sydeny are now available.. See below!

The Sydney Morning Herald chronicles the Australia Day Sydney Google Maps flyover in a series of news articles and blog posts. Google sent an airplane over the city Friday to take aerial photos that, if clear enough, will be included on Google Maps. Google encouraged Sydneysiders to come out and show their spirit during the event and these stories and photos will show you what was happening on the ground:

Google's Sydney flyover - This post from the Sydney Morning Herald "Mashup Blog" includes many photos of people trying to be included in the photo shoot.

Dotcoms line up for a free plug

Love letters from Aaron, writ large

Google gives Sydney, Aust., business free advertising

Google Maps Mania reader Gary Brewer sent a great shot of the Google plane that was taking the aerial photos on Friday. Check out his blog post for more! Looks like it was a very clear day..

Photo courtesy of

Another photo from Flickr user Psinewave:

Another from Psinewave here.., and Google has a shot of the plane sitting on the runway here..
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