Monday, January 08, 2007

UK Google Maps Mashup Roundup Part 6

British Library: "London: A Life in Google Maps" - The British Library has a great virtual exhibition currently running that "..charts the growth of the city by looking at maps of it through the ages. The exhibition is broken down into seven themes, each broadly covering a different period in the city's history. Many of the maps featured in the exhibition are available to view online, via our Collect Britain website. We've created a Google Map of London to help you find them." [Via The Map Room]

eBay Motors + Google Maps UK - A mashup that plots the physical locations of cars that are currently on offer through eBay UK. Search for cars based on a wide list of criteria or by tagcloud. [via]

UK Trains Online Network Map - Shows stations which are considered FastTicket locations, TIPLOCS, STANNOXs and other detail. [via]

Find your Westminster MP using Google Maps - This useful Google Maps mashup, created by Simon Dickson, will help you locate local MP's based on UK region. It also shows recent Commons activity for that member of parliament. More information about the mashup can be found here.

Bately and Dewsbury Community Map - This is a great local mashup that shows what this local community has to offer. Nice interface design and icons, plus it also complies with national online accessibility requirements (something not many mashups do).

UK Photospots - A tool for amateur photographers to record the places they like to go to take photographs

Blockhunter - Real estate mapping mashup allows people to register property searches on a map, using an opaque controller block. Buyers can then see who wants to buy their place.

Tracking the lives of Bristol folk - Google Maps is used to show where Bristol residents live, work and play (122 so far). Follow their lives on this interesting map. [via]

DSL exchange checker - Buying a house? Consider using this tool to see how far away the property is from the central phone exchange (since DSL speeds can be negatively impacted by this distance).

News: Ordnance Survey mash-up takes on Google Maps

Rooftop logo intended for Google Maps - British clothing company Jigsaw targets the satellite mapping cams with their rooftop logo. See their store on the UK Google Maps shopping mashup SuperHighStreet.

The Register of Estate Agents - A mashup of who's who in UK real estate and allows their clients to leave customer feedback.

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