Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Watch Dubai take shape on Google Maps

Dubai Online Maps - Dubai-Online.com has created an interesting maps section of their website that displays locations of hotels, malls, attractions, activities, real estate developments and transport. Pins are aranged on a Google satellite map of the area with links to different parts of the site with additional content. There are also YouTube videos incorporated so you can take a look at user-generated video for that particular location. Here are some examples with video links: Burj Al Arab, Bastakia Quarter. The creators have even embedded the video I took of my landing when I recently visited Dubai! :) Street maps are not yet available for Dubai but this arrangement of Dubai points of interest will give you general idea of where all of Dubai's hotspots are located.

Satellite Sightseeing:
The satellite imagery for Dubai will definitely give you a sense of the impact Dubai is trying to have on the world. A very interesting post from GoogleSightseeing titled "Building the World in Dubai" shows you a bird's eye view of land reclamation project taking place that is to resemble the landmasses of the world!

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