Tuesday, February 20, 2007

11 New U.S. Google Maps Mashups

New York State Traffic Map - The New York State Transportation Federation has put together a great Google Maps mashup that displays "real-time transportation status" throughout the state. Map markers plot traffic cameras, roadworks, critical incidents, weather alerts/forecasts and present traffic speeds. To get a close-up view of metropolitan areas, zoom in for more detailed conditions and data points.

Fox5 New York Heavy Snow & Ice Risk Map [Via The Google Earth Blog]

MTBA Transit Planner:

Boston's MTBA Transit system (commonly referred to as "The T") has integrated Google Maps into their official website. In a special "Trip Planner" section T users are asked to: "..Enter an address, intersection, station or landmark below and we'll supply the best travel routes for you." Simply click on your start and end point, departure time, bus or rail, what you'd like to minimize along the route (transfers, time or walking) and if you'd like accessibility built into your route. The Google Maps powered trip planner will then provide a full itinerary (or more than one) for the journey, complete with price. The tool itself seems to work well but only T riders can put it through the true test! :) Elsewhere on the site Google Maps is being used in the 'T Stations' tab of the Rider Tools page to display a map pane within each individual station page.

Also: MTBA Station Map - A user created station map.
  • Morgan Stanley Branch Locator - Search by city, state or zip code and plot locations on a Google Map, with the option to get driving directions as well.
  • This Hiking Trail (LA) - The weekend warrior's Hike Finder for Los Angeles and surrounding areas
  • VisitCarmel - Uses the Google Maps API to display listings from the MLS database using a RETS compliant client. Check out the real estate search pages and the area information pages for dynamic uses of the API.
  • DC Condo Prices - Condo Sales Statistics for the Washington DC Area
  • Walking Tours for US cities - Includes Boston, New York City and Las Vegas
  • 2007 College Football Recruiting Map - Showcases college football recruits by town and University
  • GooTube - Real Estate videos from YouTube, Google mapped.
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