Thursday, February 22, 2007

More News & Media Google Maps Mashups


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Update Feb.23/06: Two new examples to add from the Washington Post and CBC:

In the past week most all posts have contained some reference to a media or news maps mashups. This indicates the continued popularity of Google Maps within news and media sites. These references have included an updated Toronto Star Google Maps gallery, The Boston Globe's Red Sox Spring Training Fan Map, The New York Times Travel mashup, and Fox 5 New York's Weather Map. Continuing with this theme, here is another roundup post that pulls together new examples of how Google Maps is being used online by independent and major news and media outlets all around the world..

Washington Post: Bill Clinton's Paid Speeches Map - The newest Google Maps project from Adrian Holovaty at the allows you to animate the map and move through speeches by date (click "Show Speeches Chronologically") The map accompanies this story: For Clinton, New Wealth in Speeches.

CBC (Canada): Mapping investigative journalism - Thanks to this post by Amber MacArthur I've learned that the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) has used Google Maps to create a simple yet informative map of 3 locations where they tested mercury levels in canned tuna. The info-windows display a good amount of graphical information and the pins indicate the city in Canada where the tests took place. The maps implementation accompanies this article.

KQED's "Quest" Google Maps Mashup - Quest is a unique Google Maps, Flickr and GPS data mashup which utilizes all of Public Broadcaster KQED's media platforms. The interactive science and nature mashup uses Google Map and Flickr mashups to present high-quality television programs, radio spots, blog postings, education guides, and map-based "explorations" for the San Francisco Bay Area, USA.

Citizen Reporting Google Maps, YouTube Mashup - iCommunity.TV is a collaborative broadcast network for local news, built with the intention to promote video as a media for citizen reporting. As an aggregation platform iCommunity.TV ties into the popular video-sharing service, extends its offering by letting a broad audience geo-reference and sort video clips in news categories and offers multiple convenient ways to watch and subscribe to these custom channels (e.g. “Politics in Berlin, Germany”). All news clips on the site are geo-referenced with a Google Map showing their location next to them, as well as a World News Map. is also making use of Google Earth which Frank Taylor from The Google Earth Blog describes here..

Orlando Sentinel: Central Florida Tornado Maps

These maps from the Orlando Sentinel are powered by FMAtlas. Here are more examples of online publishers using FMAtlas: (Australia) World News Map:

..Mashes up stories with Google Maps. More info here..

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