Saturday, February 03, 2007

Send a Google Maps smoke signal message

I was sent a message today from someone using a service called MapMSG. Curious about what the service was, I clicked the link. Upon arrival the great Google Maps satellite image of the Eiffel Tower came into view, steadying itself like I was sitting in a helicopter. Just then letters in smoke began to emerge from the tip of the tower. The beacon spelled out the message to me informing me of the MapMSG service. It was probably the most creative way someone has informed me of their use of the Google Maps API. Interested to see how messages are sent I began the process of choosing where in the world I wanted my message to be sent out from and using the draggable map pin feature in the API, I was able to drag it exactly where I wanted. I continued on with my message to you.. here it is!

UPDATE: Check out the smoke signal one Google Maps Mania reader just created! :) (Just posted as a comment)

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