Friday, March 23, 2007

Google Maps API now has KML and GeoRSS support

Attention all Google Maps API developers!

Google Maps team member Nigel Tao has just posted to the Google Maps API Blog to let the developer community know about an exciting new feature that has just been added to the Google Maps API. Using the API you can now make a simple function call in your Google Maps app to KML or GeoRSS data sources and load it directly into your mashup! "This makes it easier for API sites to maintain content in a flexible format that can be accessed via the API or in a number of other tools directly, and makes it simpler to create a rich API site with declarative content, instead of a lot of code.", writes Nigel on this blog post announcing the new functionality.

Hot the heels of this announcement, a Google Maps real estate mashup in Italy implemented this new functionality into their site. Geo developers from Maiom dropped me a line to let me know they now provide GeoRSS feeds for all their listings. Here it is on their site and here is the same listing viewed through Google Maps itself.

To get started with this new functionality, check out the Maps API docs for detailed instruction.

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BTW, If you don't already read the Google Maps API Blog, you should be. The posts have increased both in frequency and value with the addition of Pamela Fox to the Geo team at Google and the blog continues to be the central source for announcements pertaining to the API.

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