Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Google Maps Movie Mashup: Disturbia Suburbia

Disturbia Suburbia: *These* are the people in my neighborhood??

Here's a fun movie maps concept to help promote Disturbia, a new film from Paramount Pictures coming out in April. Disturbia Suburbia << ..said in a deep, dark voice :) >> is an interactive Google Map app where you enter your US zip code to find out more about the people in your neighborhood (don't worry.. it's completely fictional!). Peering in on the Bloomfield Hills, Michigan zip code 48301 you learn that 66 year old Joseph Dale, who has been a hardworking janitor at a local Bloomfield Hills high school for over 20 years is "haunted by his memories" and has just turned himself in for killing a woman nearly 25 years ago. Punch up your zip code and find out what deep dark secrets lurk.. (just for fun) then look around the rest of the website for other goodies as well... The movie looks pretty good - Check out the trailer!

Internet Movie Database: Disturbia

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