Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The incredible talking Google Map

The Twitter mashups keep coming! Twitter user DaveTroy has pushed his TwitterMap mashup (see post) one step further and bring us Twittervision Realtime:

Twittervision pulls in posts made in real time to the Twitter service and plots it to a Google Map on the fly. Set Twittervision in motion and watch people from all over the world start twittering away! As the post title reads: It's an incredible talking Google Map! :) As people post, Twittervision centers the Google Map on that Twitter user's location with their message. Very neat! Twittervision reminds me of a Google Maps Chat App I blogged about ages ago.

Funny enough as I was waiting for a cool Twitter post to pop up on TwitterVision (for the screenshot for this post) one user posted: "DaveTroy's Twitter tools are seriously addictive". I couldn't get shot of it quick enough. :) Perhaps a 'pause' or 'back/fwd' is in order DaveTroy? ;)

What are people 'twittering' about? (San Francisco Chronicle - March 19/07)
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