Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A list of Google Maps mashup blogs

Google Maps Mania isn't the only blog in the blogosphere providing examples of Google Maps mashups. Here is a list of other Google Maps focussed blogs from around the world:
Other great blogs providing Google Maps content from time to time:
ProgrammableWeb Blog, Google Earth Blog, OgleEarth, The Map Room, All Points Blog, MAPtrix, Understanding Google Maps & Yahoo Local Search

Does your Google Maps mashup, tool or application have it's own blog? It's a great way to journal updates you make for your users and also allows you to provide content to your users (links, YouTube videos etc..) that might match the themes of your mashup (eg: news, YouTube clips, commentary etc). Here are some good examples:
Do you maintain a blog with a high level of Google Maps content, or does your Google Maps mashup have its own blog? If so, please post a comment to promote it here!
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