Thursday, March 01, 2007

New satellite imagery for Google Maps - Mar.1/07

Sagrada Família (Imgs..) in Barcelona, Spain is now visible..

The Google Earth Blog has confirmed updated satellite imagery for Google Maps and has just verified the same imagery is now available on Google Earth. Major world cities such as Cape Town South Africa, Barcelona Spain and ski hotspot Whistler, BC in Canada are all now visible with high res views! Here is an update of specific areas which have enhanced viewing (From this post on the Google Earth community):

The key highlights are:

-- Entire country of Switzerland at 50cm and many Swiss cities at 25cm (thank you, Endoxon)
-- Entire country of Switzerland terrain at 10m, the Swiss Alps are now high-res!
-- Entire country of Denmark at 50cm
-- Australia day flyover
-- Cities of France: Lyon; LeMans; Lourdes; Riems; Nancy; Limoges; Lille; Arles
-- Potsdam and Magdeburg, Germany
-- Barcelona, Belem, CapeTown, Galapagos (Isabella Island), Manaus, Mt Saint Helens, Recife, Rio, Venice)
-- Whistler British Columbia
-- Full state coverage for Wyoming & Utah
-- significant amounts of new Digital Globe data

Get viewing! :)

Australia Day Flyover Cool Views:

As an update to my previous post, two sites have posted great roundups of some of the more interesting views found in and around Sydney on Australia Day.. My personal favorite is the folks playing water ping pong (Does anyone have real photos of this??)! - Australia Day Flyover - Australia Day 2007
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