Thursday, April 19, 2007

11 great new US Google Maps Mashups!

Google Maps + = Map of all US accredited schools:

David Glasser has created a map based search tool called The EDU Map to help you "locate your future". It takes the database of schools found from the U.S. Department of Education website and mashes it up with Google Maps in a simple and useful mashup to help you find *any* accredited school in the US. It's actually quite surprising how many schools there are in a given city. For primary schools try this mashup. [Found via ProgrammableWeb]

Google My Maps Mashup: DC Taxi Zones:


Google Maps Mashup of US Tornado Paths - Just in time for the 2007 tornado season the University of Michigan AOSS department is offering a new website for exploring tornado paths. The paths of all tornadoes from 1950-2005 (so far) can be viewed. When you click on one of the tornado icons you will see a place to add information and you can "Fly the Path", which throws you into Google Earth for a 3D tour of the tornado's path showing nearby schools.

Mashup for weekend trips around major cities: is a new domestic travel site that uses Google Maps to help you plan weekend trips. I'm really liking the use of the "Expand Map/Shrink Map" creating a really nice, seamless integration of Google Maps into the design of the main page. Google Maps is also used throughout the site for every destination that's covered. For now the site has launched for only Northern California but soon it will include Washington DC, New York and more, along with some "interesting uses of KML" apparently on the way as well.

More US-based Mashups:
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