Wednesday, April 11, 2007

3 new US real-time land, sea and air Google Maps mashups

US Incident Map - Here is a new Google Map that mashes up data from police, fire, 911, highway patrol and other sources to display emergency incidients from around the US. The map displays the most recent incidents, allowing you to drill down to enter your own zip code to view your area. [via]

US Coastal Tides Maps Mashup - features a very detailed tide and weather data mashup for all coastal areas around the US. It features tide charts and tables, weather radar maps and forecasts and live data which is pulled from actual channel markers and buoys bouncing around in the water.

Aviation Weather Maps Mashup - Pilots take note, this is the Google Maps weather mashup for you! What an interface! Airports are plotted with detailed information displayed such as current weather conditions observed at that location. The map itself features layers that can be toggled on and off including NexRad weather overlays and current turbulence for that area. Geo developer Peter Buckner informs us that "some of the data is available US only, but most is available internationally."
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