Thursday, April 12, 2007

Google Maps adds 2.5D Buildings and Structures

A while back I posted about the addition of grey building and structure outlines viewable by toggling to the "Map" view of Google Maps. A few days ago the Geo group at Google has taken this feature a step further by enhancing the dimensional look of these buildings and structures. Previously building structures appeared in a flat format. This has now been improved to a sort of "2.5 D" effect.

To illustrate the update, here is what was visible before (and still is at zoom level 3-4):

..Now look at the same location with the enhanced transparent 2.5D buildings (viewable at zoom levels 1 & 2):

The update has been applied to approximately 38 US cities, so get on Google Maps, zoom right down onto levels 1 and 2 and take a look around! While you're there why not create a "My Maps"mashup of historical buildings or your favorite building architecture with your own photos or digital video to add some life to these new 2.5D buildings?!

Google Sketchup
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