Friday, April 20, 2007

Google Maps Creation Tools - Part 13

Attention Google Maps API Developers! Want to expand your knowledge of the Google Maps API by hearing from Google product managers and engineers? Maybe you want to start to learn more about KML as it continues to become a ubiquitous part of Google Maps and Earth. Google welcomes you to join them for a day in one of 10 cities worldwide for the Google Developer Day 2007. These world locations include: Mountain View, California, Sao Paulo, Brazil, London, United Kingdom, Paris, France, Madrid, Spain, Hamburg, Germany, Moscow, Russia, Tokyo, Japan, Sydney, Australia or Beijing, China. I attended the (Geo) Developer Day last June in Mountain View, California and it was a day I'll never forget; meeting lots of great people, learning tons about the Google Maps API and taking in the Google campus. This is a great event and that if you can make, I strongly encourage you to attend!

Google My Maps (See tab on the left) - The latest Google Maps creation tool is straight from the Google Maps site itself! Now you can create your own Google Maps mashup by pointing and clicking you way through the great My Maps web interface. If you have long been wanting to create your own map after looking at the countless mashups I've mentioned here on Google Maps Mania, here's your chance. Once you've create a My Map, check this post for additional tools to help you embed your My Maps creation into your blog or website or share it with others. Embed Google 'My Maps' is one more addition to this list.

Google Maps Creation Tools and Resources:

Creating Dynamic Client-side Maps Mashups with Google Spreadsheets - In this Google Maps API Blog post Pamela Fox explains how you can use Google Docs & Spreadsheets as a data source to create Google Maps mashups. Using an example Google Spreadsheet of Seattle restaurants Pamela shows you how to use a nifty "Spreadsheets->Map" wizard to automagically mashup the spreadsheet and create a Google Map.

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