Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Google Maps US Sickness Mashup

Wondering if that flu you have is something that's going around? WhoIsSick.com is a new Google Maps mashup that is focused on bringing heath information to the public by tracking and monitoring current and local sicknesses.

Visit WhoIsSick to filter those who are sick in your area by sickness, symptoms and other data points that people have entered themselves on the site. The resulting mashup provides a current local health snapshot (depending on user participation in that area) and also would let parents, teachers etc get an idea of what sicknesses are affecting their area. WhoIsSick gives you many tools to search and analyze the data that is collected as well. Be sure to let this mashup know when your next cold or flu breaks to make it more useful for those in your community!

HealthMap - Worldwide disease outbreak Google Maps mashup
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