Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New Google Maps World Video Travel Mashup

Venividiwiki (meaning "I went, I saw, I share") is a great new travel resource for those of you traveling within Europe or to places all over the world. It mashes up with points of interest databases and lists for things like activities, events, places, parks cultural places (some 50 categories can be toggled on/off). Points are plotted on the map and when selected display a video for that location (TurnHere, YouTube and DailyMotion) as well as an information tab giving more details and links for that location. (Think Wikimapia with embedded videos) New points of interest tha tyou want to create can be done so quickly and without user registration making this a collaborative mashup that gets fueled by its community. It's a fun mashup to explore the world using Google Maps and web video.. Check it out!

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