Friday, April 13, 2007

Ongopongo is Digg for Google My Maps mashups

Ongopongo - With the addition of My Maps last week the number of new Google Maps mashups has increased exponentially (just as it did when sites like CommunityWalk and Platial launched). Through my regular combing of posts for content throughout the blogosphere I've noticed all kinds of bloggers posting links to a new My Maps mashup they have created.

As this new wave of mashup mania continues to mount one site is helping to create a way to add, find and vote on the best new My Maps mashups,a s well as general Google Maps mashups created using the API and other Creation Tools. Now in addition to Google Maps Mania you can check out Ongopongo to see what maps mashups have the most number of votes, just like a Digg or Techmeme service does for more general web finds. If you've created a Google My Map - Add it to Ongopongo! :)

Embed your Google My Maps into your blog or website - One of the most popular type of comments seen on blogs posting about My Maps this past week is the request to enable a way for My Maps to be embedded into a blog or website. Rob McMahon of MashedWorld has created My Maps Plus to address this. My Maps Plus creates embeddable code for websites / blogs. Rob notes this this definitely a stop-gap: "It can be awkward to save then copy/paste the KML data but until Google supply permalinks to the KML file it's the best I could do." Try it out and provide feedback to Rob if you have any.

My Maps integrated into Blogger: Racing Track Maps - Vidal De Wit also shows that integrating a Google My Map into Blogger can be done. Drop him a line if you want to know how this was done.

Do you have a site that you've created that adds to the My Maps ecosystem? If so, post a comment at the bottom!
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