Saturday, May 12, 2007

13 Great new Google Maps mashups!

Awesome World Webcams Mashup: Fisgonia

This English/Spanish webcams map has over 300 camera views from all over the world in 11 categories. It also features GeoRSS, KML and links to Panoramio photos for each location. I really like this one!

Send a Mother's Day Google Maps "GeoGreeting":

Unleash disaster on Google Maps - "Are you in harms way" the tagline of this Google Maps mashup reads. Simulate a Train Derailment, Tanker Truck Accident, Tire Fire, Oil Fire, Nuclear Steam Release, Chemical Spill on a specific location on Google Maps and learn the impact of such an event.
Relief Maps and GeoLocations:

Developed by The University of ULM in Germany this shaded relief map includes a geocoder and continental drill-down to cities and regions. The relief map layer adds an interesting viewing element to Google Maps sightseeing as well! [Via The Google Karten Blog]
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