Sunday, May 06, 2007

4 ways to use YouTube to promote your mashup

Harnessing the power of YouTube alongside your Google Maps mashup can help build interest and usage, as well as drive new users to your site. Here are some examples of how YouTube is being used across the web to promote Google Maps mashups with end users:

Demonstrate: showcases their unique Sneaker Store Finder Mashup in this funky Youtube clip:


Explain: The creator of the Map My Name Project explains his vision in a YouTube video:

Blog: Embed these same YouTube clips into your mashup's blog using the "Embed" code found on each YouTube video page. Your mashup does have it's own blog, right? If it doesn't.. it should. ;) Also consider video blogging new features to explain in more detail.

Boast: Proud of your Google Maps mashup being featured on the local news? These mashup creators are. Show your news clip to others by linking to its YouTube video page:

More: and Where's Tim (his second appearance)

If you've used YouTube to promote your Google Maps mashup post a comment on this post! :) Be sure to tag your mashup video on YouTube with: "googlemapsmashup" - As of posting this, there are no videos.. Let's see how many we can get added to YouTube resulting from this post! :)

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