Monday, May 14, 2007

6 New Australian Google Maps Mashups!

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Australian Virtual Tours mashed with Google Maps:

Here's a blog worth checking out each day. Posts include panoramic, mapped virtual tours of locations all over Australia. Each post contains a small, blog post version of the available panoramic tour, which links off to a geo-referenced, full screen, High Definition tours complete with audio, recorded at the time of the shoot! Yes. These are serious virtual tours. In each post a Google Maps link shows all tours for that area with heaps of information and links to each one. Link off to Google Earth viewing using the KML link on each Google Maps view. (Examples: Melbourne and Stanley, Tasmania)

CleanCruising using Google Maps to plot cruise routes - This is a new dedicated cruise site which uses Google Maps to show you where a specific cruise is to travel. Since the site is Australian, here is an example Great Barrier Reef Cruise. For another region in the world, try this Mediterranean Cruise. The infowindows have a link to zoom right into the port, and feature great photos and other details of that route. Once you're done viewing the Google Map of the cruise, try out some of the other goodies - cruise the route in a movie clip or right on Google Earth, or view the ship's webcam! Nice site, nice use of Google Maps and lots of web innovation to make this a unique travel site! :) Why is this site called CleanCruising? The creator of the site has this to say:
"..We were also able to calculate the path distances which we combined with independent research to estimate the greenhouse gas emissions for each trip. We then plant Australian native trees to offset these carbon emissions for any passengers who book with us. Unlike other carbon offset programs which charge an additional levy, we actually pay for the trees ourselves."

New South Wales Polling Place Maps - The NSW Electoral Commission got a bit map-happy with their website in the recent state election held there. This page shows a list of all electoral areas that, once clicked, provide a map of all polling places. (Example: Sydney) [Thanks Amos!]

Rydges Hotels & Resorts + Google Maps - The website for Rydges is creating city maps of Rydges Hotels by plotting the list of hotel locations to a Google Map. (Cities include: Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra ACT and "Tropical" North Queensland)

Southern Highlands Communities Mashup - The Southern Highlands Online is a website that has integrated Google Maps in a very elegant way. It creates mini-maps for each town or business for the region. An example of a town map is Bowral which provides a map of area businesses plotted onto a map. It also shows a list of all major retailers in and they're locations - see this Harvey Norman map as an example (scroll down the page to see the map). Nice info-window design and UI on this mashup! :)

The Pure Drop Band Map - ABC presents this next Google Maps mashup that: "..Brings you musical performances from all over the global village, and explores the stories behind the music of multicultural Australia." More info here..

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