Monday, May 21, 2007

6 New US Google Maps Mashups

LA Metro Rail Map - Finally an LA Transit Map! :) This LA Metro Rail Map was created using Google My Maps and displays station stops for the LA Metro Rail, Blue, Red, Green and Gold Lines.

CityTagz (LA) - Another Google Maps mashup for LA CityTagz "..aims to improve to spatial and historical awareness of Los Angeles residents." [via]

(More LA Google Maps mashups can be found here..)

US Presidential Candidates (2008) on Google Maps - Learn more about the US presidential candidates through this Google Map which maps locations of where each are from and combines additional info and YouTube videos.

AJ's Google Maps Michigan Weather Map - Take a meteorology and personal weather station site add PHP, XML and AJAX (and of course Google Maps) and you have a home-grown user created weather map mashup! See also: Detroit!

American towns damaged by toxic waste - Google Maps and YouTube videos.. created by The Center for Public Integrity. State pages are here.

US Hotels Going Green - a feature resulting from this blog post.

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