Monday, May 28, 2007

Argentina and Chile Google Maps Mashups


Flof Google Maps mashup has Buenos Aires street maps - A fantastic site to share and find out about interesting places in Argentina that features KML export, map embedding, RSS feeds and more! The cool part about this mashup is that they have inserted street maps into the mashup even though Google Maps is not yet providing them in this country!

Buenos Aires Lodging Mashup - Here is bilingual English and Spanish tourism mashup for the city of Buenos Aires. Solving the challenge of no street maps this Google Maps API site has Microsoft Virtual Earth streets and Google satellite imagery and map controls. It features lodging alternatives throughout Buenos Aires including hostels and 1-4 star hotels. Geo developer Javier Vásquez also informs us of another mashup he has created: "..We have created another one for a trendy beach south of Buenos Aires called Carilo Most of the descriptions are in Spanish only as 90% of our visitors are Spanish speakers, however we are translating them to adequately serve our non Spanish speakers patrons."

Post Urbano - Read more about this project here..

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Chile: - The government of Chile has created this virtual tourism mashup for Chile. Take a look! Features information for each point of interest, photos and videos.

Portalinmobiliario - Chile's first housing mashup - Here is a great new housing mashup for all of Chile! It features a proprietary geocoding system for placing properties on a map overlaid on a satellite map for many cities in the country. In Santiago for example subway lines and stations are plotted on the map.

Santiago Metro Mashup - Here is a great transit and photo mashup for the city of Santiago Chile. No street maps unfortunately but this will act as a guide to what stations to use to reach certain attractions. All lines are available to be viewed with each station stop plotted.

Japanese language Santiago Subway Map Mashup

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