Thursday, May 17, 2007

Brazil Google Maps Mashup Roundup!

Since the addition of Brazil street and road maps to Google Maps back on September 26th, 2006 a number of new mashups and tools have been developed there. Time for a Google Maps Mania roundup of all known Google Maps projects happening in this Brazil:

Street Art in Sao Paulo - Explore the vibrant streets of Sao Paulo with this unique photo map of Sao Paulo street art. This map was created using Google's new My Maps tool.
PontosBR - Here is a great Brazilian Google Maps satellite viewing site that indexes interesting sights found on both Google Maps and Earth (with links to both). Includes tons of options to vote on the location and share with others!
GmapsBrasil - Here is a blog that shows.. "Imagens via satélite, do Brasil e do mundo!" (interesting sights and locations throughout Brazil and the world). This site differs from PontosBR in that it tells a story for each location. Check out how the Google Maps API has been used to create the title banner! Nice!
Geo Serendipidade - Here is a cool Google Maps concept that maps blogs and websites in Brazil, showing geographic relevance to other web properties! See if your neighbors have a blog or website!
UFind - Search for restaurants, bars and cinemas in and Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte on a Google Map.
Tracking TAM Virtual Pilots - Maps pilots flying around using the TAM Virtual simulator. See for more info (and a pretty snazzy YouTube clip).
Brazil Food Finder! - Find Italian, Japanese Food.. Even locate McDonald's and Burger King in major Brazilian cities!
HoteisBrasil - Information, images and hotels of more than 5500 Brazilian cities and 27 states.
Brazilian Satellite Images from different dates - Images taken from the China Brazil Earth Resources Satellite (CBERS)
Brazil Google Maps/Earth Tools:
GoToGoogleMaps - open Google Maps on a given lat/long
GoToGoogleEarth - open Google Earth on a given lat/long
SeAchando - to find the coordinates of latitude/longitude
CavaCava - where do you will arrive if you dig dig and dig?

Brazilian geo-developer Luis Felipe Cipriani created questionably one of the most popular Google Maps tools on the planet in 2005. He made the first Google Maps tool that would let you choose a point on the earth, dig a hole from that point, then find out where you would end up. I can lay claim to its popularity since I saw it blogged about and reported on in mainstream news everywhere when it was first introduced. It was popular because it was a mapping application that was relevant to everyone, everywhere. Sao Paulo resident Luis Felipe has updated this tool and created one more that should be consistent with his digging tool and remain globally relevant to all users on the web:



..Try them both out - they're really fun! (See my original post about these tools)

More great Google Maps tools and sites to explore Brazil!
Let's hope many more Brazilian Google Maps mashups and Google Earth KML creations result from the Google Developer Day that is being held in many world locations, including Sao Paulo, Brazil this May 31st, 2007!

If you don't see a specific Brazilian Google Maps project mentioned, please post a comment to share with others!

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