Thursday, May 10, 2007

The first Vietnam Google Maps Mashup

Địa Danh Việt Nam is Vietnam's first Google Maps mashup (or in Vietnamese: "Bản đồ địa danh/du lịch Việt Nam đầu tiên trên Google Maps!) It combines satellite imagery of Vietnam on Google Maps with a database of more than 48,000 place names and landmarks. Users can add to the map as well (real estate and classified info is encouraged). Currently this mashup is available only in Vietnamese but Chau, the geo developer behind Địa Danh Việt Nam notes that it will soon all be translated to English. Once this is completed this could be a very valuable travel resource for folks visiting this beautiful country. I went to Vietnam in 2002 and again in '06 and I strongly urge all reading to visit! It's a fantastic place.

Update (May15/07): This mashup now has an English language blog so you can keep up with all the updates! Find it here..

Correction: One other Google Maps mashup from Vietnam has been brought to my attention: Vietnam Travel Maps - an excellent English language travel resource for anyone planning to visit Vietnam!

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