Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Google intros a new blog for Google Maps & Earth

A new Google Maps and Earth blog has hit the blogosphere today courtesy of the folks at Google! The Google LatLong Blog will help keep you up to date on new developments with Earth, Maps, Local, and related APIs. The Lat Long Blog's tagline reads: "News and Notes from the Google Earth and Maps Team". (Note: "team" not "teams") As Google Earth and Maps Director John Hanke writes in the blog's inaugural post - "The tools are becoming more powerful, more accessible, and more interrelated." The interrelation between these products is becoming more and more clear as you begin to develop for and use Google Maps. KML is creating bridges between Maps and Earth.. even facilitating the first generation of Google geo Search! To me this is what makes the possibilities for this blog so interesting - the content is relevant to so many areas of Google Maps and Earth. I for one am interested to read the posts and I hope you are too!

The Google LatLong Blog can be found here:
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