Sunday, May 06, 2007

Google Maps Creation Tools - Part 14

Addictive Google Maps web stat Mapper

Statisfied is a unique website statistics analyzer that plots real-time traffic on a geographical (Google) map. I turned on Statisfied for Google Maps Mania last night and I'm here to tell you I'm ADDICTED! It works like this: Paste the code into your blog/website/mashup then visit your own Statisfied site to watch the visitors appear on a Google Map in real-time! Take a look! To get this going on your site follow the link from the top ribbon of the map view. I'm so enthralled with this that I'm using it as my screen saver! I leave it running and watch the map change locations every few moments centering on the city and country of my blog's most recent visitor. As if web stats weren't addictive enough already! :)

+ Google Maps API = CalMap - Michael Bolin has created a cool mashup that takes a Google Calendar feed and plots the locations to a map. Right now it's plotting from a hardcoded list but he has plans to use the Google Maps API geocoder for locations CalMap doesn't recognize. For more on CalMap and how you can build this calendar mashup check out the writeup on his blog!

geo:truc tool: Get your coordinates! - lets you find a location on a map, and then provides you with the coordinates in both degrees, minutes, seconds and decimal degrees, lets you bookmark the location, and provides code for different formats : machine tags, geo (microformat), geoJSON (experimental), geoRSS (both simple and GML), HTML meta tags, KML and finally W3C geo.

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