Friday, May 25, 2007

"Round-up Friday" - the Netherlands

(post by Robert de Heer)

Every Friday, I'll try to post a country round-up from a a specific country. I'll call it for now "Wrap-up Friday", but better names are welcome ;-)

For this Friday, I'll post here the fourth round-up for the Netherlands (thanx to Remco from Nederkaart); the previous one can be found here.

  • ANWB - Dutch automobile association (no idea what the American equivalent is called, but its an association mainly for tourisme and helping drivers) has a site about Dutch beaches.

  • - Travel tickets on sale. Google Maps application for finding cheap travel tickets in Europe.
  • - A cute little site, showing old postcards on a map of the city of Utrecht (in the centre of The Netherlands). Old postcards shown on their google map location, sometimes in combination of present day pictures.

  • - Dutch skating enthousiasts dont limit themselves to wintertime skating. Onland scating, life tracking of tours, and lots of pictures and more.

  • - Dutch city finances: of each Dutch city, all the financial statistics.

  • - Traveling to a Dutch city? Find lots of information on . Museums, monuments, theaters, parkingspaces, bike rentals, hotels, etc. etc.

  • - A fantastic mashup, with 3 sites in one:
    - an interactive skyline, 3d panorama on lots of locations in Rotterdam (maps and quicktime)
    - what's on in Rotterdam this summer (maps)
    - 3d Rotterdam: the city in Sketchup (kmz-file)

  • - Everything you need for a funeral
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