Wednesday, May 09, 2007

UK Google Maps Mashup Roundup Part 8

Since my last UK update there has been some great new Google Maps mashups and apps created by museums, car companies and enterprising individuals having fun with the Google Maps API. This post rounds up the latest examples and news. If you're looking for all previous UK posts, check out this UK label I've recently applied to all past UK-related posts here on Google Maps Mania. It will show you all reviewed UK Google Maps mashups on one page. Enjoy!

Just announced:
Google Maps for Mobile launched in the UK!

(YouTube Video Link)

Museum of London: Map My London:

The Museum of London has created a very unique and thoughtful Google Maps mashup that allows you to "Map your London Moments". Here is a description from the membership confirmation email: "..Map My London will allow you to browse the memories of others or get mapping your own London. London as you remember it! The site is provided by the Museum of London and aims to collect Londoners' memories, experiences and associations of the city. You can tell your story in text, images, sound files or video clips." You can add and browse the memories by these categories: Love/Loss, Fate/Coincidence, Beauty/Horror, Joy/Struggle and Friendship/Solitude. This is a great way for a museum website to facilitate the collection of personal accounts. I can envision generations of people visiting the museum's website in the future browsing these memories and wondering what it must have been like to live in the time that we are in today. [Via] Related: History Mashups

BMW's 1Off: Mapped reviews for UK cities:

To promote the new 1 Series BMW has created a Google Maps powered site for a young urban audience to explore bite-sized, handpicked reviews of experiences in UK cities (London, Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham, Cardiff and Glasgow). "1Off" is a slick, glossy site which includes celebrity interviews and podcasts, local reviews of little-known gems, and community forums. Nice integration of Google Maps throughout, including direct links to for directions and map printing. Google Maps integration also lets users get a bird’s eye view of their city’s treasures, as well as find their nearest BMW dealer (of course) to take the 1 Series out for a spin! (This site was created by Airlock with PR agency Slice and Emap).

New UK Real Estate Mashups (More here):

HeatMap: Sold House Prices in England:

Very cool real estate mapping tool that lets you search house price sales by post code. Map toggles include display options for properties (zoooooom in!), heat mapping (red is pricey!), comparisons and agents plotted to the map.

More UK House Price HeatMaps:

Also see the New homes hot spots map where the most new properties have been built in the last seven years are plotted.

London Commercial Office Space Mashup:

Easy search tool to find office space by numbered region throughout the city of London. Postcode searching is also available. applies cool use of Google Maps:

Check out this cool expanding and collapsing Google Map viewing by clicking the "Map" link. Viewing all properties by map is also available (See top right). Nice implementation!

More new UK Google Maps mashups:
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