Friday, June 15, 2007

The decadent urban Google Maps travel guide

Gridskipper is known as Gawker Media's "decadent urban travel guide" and with their recent redesign which heavily incorporates Google Maps, I'm now calling it the "decadent urban Google Maps travel guide"! Head over to Gridskipper and check out the blog-style posts that line the page and notice the prominent Google Map thumbnail image indicating that a map exists for that post. Click on it and you enter a unique reading and exploring experience with Google Maps helping you to locate the places mentioned in that particular post. In addition to Google Maps you can also view the maps in Google Earth.

Gridskipper has long covered Google Maps related items in their global city travel posts, and I've even been known to contribute to this great travel blog from time to time. Gridskipper has recently quintupled their stable of international contributors, bringing new particular focus to the cities of Berlin, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, San Francisco, and Sydney. If you're interested check out this overview of the new Gridskipper design and a few examples of the new design in action: Where to get dumplings in New York or Where to eat French food in London.
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