Friday, June 29, 2007

Driving Directions get even better on Google Maps!

The Google Maps Team have added a pretty nifty new feature to Google Maps. Here to tell you about "Draggable Driving Directions" are Jess and Evan, from the Google Maps team (YouTube link):

..This is an awesome feature enhancement! The only way to see how cool (and useful) this can be, is to try it out on Google Maps for yourself! Enter two points in the "get directions" field and grab on the route with your mouse to see it work!

Another change to Google Maps you'll notice that is shown in the Maps Team YouTube clip is a right-click feature that presents a menu to start/end directions, zoom or center the map. It's pretty handy. For more tips on "customizing every step of your next trip", check out this great help page that includes the above YouTube clip, and more example links:
You can also check out the official Google-LatLong Blog post about this new feature enhancement:
It's a click & drag situation
Frank Taylor at the Google Earth Blog can also help you "Take your directions from Google Maps to Google Earth"

Other changes you'll see on Google Maps..

"Link to this page" is now easier! - Click the link at the top right and a drop-down box appears with the full link already pre-selected for you to "Paste link in email or IM" [Thanks Virender!]

New links (bottom left) added: Advertising on Google Maps, Adding your business, using Google Maps for mobile or Adding Google Maps to your website.

For more recent Google Maps News, click the "Google Maps" label below...

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