Thursday, June 07, 2007

Google Maps adds transit data for dozens of cities worldwide!

Among the announcements during Where 2.0 and Google Developer Day last week was an important new update that was added to Google Maps to make it even more useful. Transit icons on Google Maps are now clickable in dozens of locations around the world! You might remember my post back on February 15/07 when I mentioned the addition of subway and light rail station map icons. This release goes a step further and adds bus stops, line and departure information in various cities.

Here are some examples of transit data on Google Maps:
Some of these cities are already a part of the Google Transit Planner, which is a Google service makes use of Google Maps. Back on Earth Day weekend a group of Google engineers contributed a significant amount of source code in the Python programming language to the GoogleTransitDataFeed open-source project. This software will be useful to agencies wanting to export their data in Google Transit Feed Spec format, for use with Google Transit or other GTFS-reading applications like TimeTablePublisher and Graphserver.

More information can be found at:

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