Saturday, June 23, 2007

Google Maps News for 2007-06-23


Geocoding has recently launched in:
..This means you can now search for cities, towns and street addresses in these countries on Google Maps! Local business listings and a country specific domain name have also been added for:

Sweden -
Denmark - (Check out Soren Johannessen's post about this..)

Other News:

Google acquires photo sharing Google Maps mashup Panoramio:

Google Maps Mania has long followed the introduction of Panoramio, the photo sharing site that lets you map your photos using both Google Maps and Google Earth. The Panoramio team is excited to announce that Google has acquired their company! Check out the blog post link above for all the details - And be sure to check out Panoramio!

New feature: Add your reviews to businesses on Google Maps - Do you love a certain pizza place or want to tell the world about a restaurant that makes a mean cheeseburger? Tell the world about it using a new feature on Google Maps - User business reviews. From the Google LatLong Blog: "..Search for your favorite places and click on the "More Info" link. From there, click on "Write a Review" to start giving your two cents."

Google Maps Tour Updated! - Take a look at the new tour on Google Maps to learn how to make use of all its features!

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