Monday, July 16, 2007

Google Maps Mania links for 2007-07-16's 13 Must-See Google Maps Mashups - If you're new to the world of Google Maps mashups take a look at this great list of 13 Google Maps mashups assembled by Adam Ostrow of :) Check out my "Top Picks" section for a similar list..

EyeStride gives users a sneak peek:

Michael Balyasny and his newly formed company "Eyestride" is busy building a really nice way for you to create your own virtual tours from your digital photos. For samples of some of these tours take a look at: to see what's to come. Once launched, EyeStride will let you stitch together photos you took in the order taken or as you'd like them ordered in tour format. At each stop, or photo in your tour there are a lot of options to explore that particular photo or point of interest.. Take a look!

A Music Life Map: Israel Kamakawiwoole - Here is a "Life Map" of the Hawaiian Musician Israel Kamakawiwoole. This mashup is user generated allowing fans to upload text, images, or a video via a link to YouTube.

Picasa Web Album of Las Vegas + Google Maps - See this post for more details.

TourMapia - This mashup helps you find YouTube videos for a particular location but specific to travel. For example, many results include travel bureau videos of regions or cities making it particularly helpful for researching locations for trip planning. Place/remove pins from the map and wait for videos to appear.. You need to be a bit patient for the mashup to do its thing. This mashup makes use of the both the Google Maps and YouTube APIs, AJAX and geocoding from GeoNames.

Google Maps used as backdrop for personal website - Good work Attila Juhász! [Found via Digg]

GeoMapsInfo adds another mashup: Worldwide Cost of Living

NYC NBC Reporter gives good Google Maps mashup suggestions - Be sure to watch the video!

Google Maps Mashup For Sale: - Email (Johnny) if you're interested! gets an update - User accounts and iPhone integration have been added!
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