Saturday, July 28, 2007

Google Maps Mania links for 2007-07-28

Real World Racer - A Google Maps Racing Game - Choose a world location and face off against other virtual racers on a Google Maps satellite backdrop. On the Gibraltar: Round The Ragged Rock course I travelled 1.99 miles in 1:11, an average of 100 mph! Can anyone beat that?! :) More Google Maps Games here..
SundanceChannel Eco-mmunity Map:

The Eco-mmunity Map allows users to list and search for green individuals, businesses, special attractions and action points anywhere in the world. Check out the great map markers and cool info-windows! Very nicely done.
Extreme Sports Map Mashup - Choose your region - United Kingdom (211), USA (40), Canada (20), South Africa (15) and select from a number of extreme sports: Skatepark, Street Spot, Surf Break, Downhill Trail, Wake Boarding, Kite Surf, BMX Track, Dirt Jumping, Snowboarding/Ski, Climbing/Abseil, Windsurf, Moto-X, Canoe/Kayak [Digg this]

Volkswagen's - A promotional site from VW that allows a user to plot their favourite night roads for great driving on a Google Map.

FindByClick's Layercake launches - The popular coffee (Starbucks Tim Hortons and Timothy's) and books (Borders, B&N) finder mashup has undergone a major update to include a new layercake concept that shows you all points from the database in a given area. Simply move the map and all related points for that area show up. Check out this FindByClick blog post for more details..
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