Friday, July 06, 2007

Google Maps Mashups: Live Earth, The Simpsons, World Airports

Live Earth Concert Google Map with Driving Directions - Ted Nye has created a timely and handy Maps tool for those of you heading to the Live Earth Concert in the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, or Australia. Look to the bottom right of the map and enter your starting address and choose the location for the concert you're attending which has been pre-set in the drop down menu. The mashup also serves as a Google Maps view of the locations where the concert will be taking place.

Mashup of 7-Eleven turned (Simpsons) Kwik-E-Mart Locations - Amy dropped me a line to tell me about a Google My Map she created to show the locations of 7-Eleven stores in the US that have transformed themselves into Kwik-E-Marts to usher in the new Simpsons Movie! The Flickr tag for "kwikemart" and a search on YouTube expose some interesting photos and videos from the process and how it looks inside!

Mashup of airports, airlines and connections - This mashup creator informs us that "..AirDB is a project that aims to collect information about airport, airlines, and connections world wide". Google Maps is integrated to show locations of airports in a specific country or center the map on a particular airport to see a local view with details and other secondary airports nearby (Example here). You can also map the airports which a specific airline flies to - (See British Airways as an example). Finally, routes are also Google-mapped giving you a view of the route and lots of detail (Example here). Though not the prettiest UI, map pin design or page navigation, it is a very useful mashup if you're trying to learn more about a particular airport and airlines that fly to and from it.

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